Children’s Dentistry

As a family dentist, we know that children’s dental services are as important as your own. We pride ourselves on being a local children’s dentist and making your child’s visits fun and easy. Our team is dedicated to caring for the whole family’s teeth from infants to teenagers. Our children’s dental services include routine kid’s dentist appointments as well as fillings and other procedures.

Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age should I start my child at Green Valley Dental?

We recommend bringing your child for their first routine kids’ dentist appointment before their first birthday. Bringing your child to the dentist at a young age is the best way to prevent problems such as tooth decay and help the child learn how to clean their teeth. This leads to a lifetime of good oral care habits and gets your child use to visiting their local children’s dentist.

Can I attend alongside my child?

Yes you are welcome to attend the appointment with your child. We recommend young children attend with older siblings or at same time as parents to act as a role model.

How long are children’s appointments?

This can vary depending on compliance, however 30 minutes should be allocated per child.

Does medicare cover childrens dentistry?

Eligible children may be covered for basic dental cover of $1000 over a 2 year period.

What does it mean if my childs tooth turns grey?

Tooth discolouration may be related to damage which may be caused from a dental injury. An x-ray may be required to assess the extent of damage.

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