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If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact us on the following details provided below or alternatively you can complete our online enquiry form also located below and we will get back to you as soon as possible...


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263 Green Valley Road,

Green Valley,

NSW 2168

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Green Valley Dental

- Located 263 Green Valley

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We provide all forms of General Dentistry as well as specialize in Orthodontics, Prosthetics and Children Services. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I keep my dentures clean?

Denture-Bridge.jpg - largeA: This is our number one question and the answer to this is, NO. Regular toothpastes contain an abrasive agent, which when used to clean dentures wears away the acrylic, leaving microscopic scratches on the surface that retain plaque and calculus and essentially make it harder to clean your denture.


The best way to keep your dentures clean is to first brush your denture with a medium/soft bristled tooth brush in warm soapy water. Once the denture has been cleaned, drop in a denture cleaning solution such as Sterodent or Polident to kill residual germs and bacteria.


It is important to note that these denture cleaning solutions will NOT clean your denture for you – plaque builds up on dentures the same way it builds up on teeth and can only be removed by mechanical brushing.


Please call us if you have any questions.



Q: Is it ok to sleep with my dentures?

A: The answer to this is- it is up to you but usually, it is recommended to remove your dentures while you sleep. It is a good idea to leave your dentures out for at least 8 hours a day to give the tissue supporting your denture a chance to rest.



Q: Who is the best person to make my Dentures? A Dentist or a Dental Prosthetist?

A: The best person to make your next set of dentures is a Dental Prosthetist - they are the ones who specialize in the fit and construction of dentures. The advantage of using a Prosthetist is that they perform all stages of the process: they meet with you, discuss your requirements.




Q: When should I get new dentures?

A: It is advisable to get a new set of dentures every 5-7 years to keep up with the changes in the mouth and to ward off any signs of deterioration and wear to the dentures. However, a regular 6 monthly check up is advisable to avoid any unforeseen problems and to check the underlying tissues supporting the denture for signs of infection or sore spots.




Q: My lower denture is always loose, why is this?

A: Unfortunately, a full lower denture will always be loose because unlike like the full upper denture, it does not have a large area of tissue available to use for suction, also anatomically the tongue sits on the lower jaw which can cause instability of the lower denture, which gives the denture stability and retention. As you know, upper and lower dentures are very different shapes. This is because the upper denture extends all the way to the back  to the soft palate and creates a palatal seal, while the lower denture is in the shape of a horseshoe to allow room for the tongue and all of its attaching muscles. As a result, we are unable to create suction which in turn prevents proper retention, which means that the only thing we can aim to achieve is some stability. Alternatively, implants are an option to enquire about however not every patient is candidate.



Q: How should I store my dentures when I’m not wearing them?

A: You should keep your dentures in the denture box provided when you do not have them in your mouth. This will protect them from any unforseen danger.




Q: Will it affect what I can eat?

A: At first, it will affect your ability to eat. As with anything new it will take time to prefect it. Don’t be hard on yourself as it will take time. It can be a little uncomfortable while adjusting and it is a good idea to practice with soft small pieces of food.