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We provide all forms of General Dentistry as well as specialize in Orthodontics, Prosthetics and Children Services. 


Extractions and Oral Surgery

There are a number of reasons why patients have to have teeth removed, the most common being from breakages or decay. Other reasons why teeth may have to be removed include: infection, gum disease, teeth in the fracture line, as preparation for braces, and aesthetics.


There are different types of extractions, which vary in complexity. A simple extraction is a tooth removal procedure where teeth can be removed from above the gums, using instruments which do not require surgery. Simple extractions are generally performed on teeth that have straight tooth and a solid tooth structure which extends through the gums. 'Simple' implies that the tooth is not cut into pieces and no incision is made in the gum tissue to gain access to the tooth.


A surgical extraction (also called an open extraction) is a tooth removal procedure in which surgery is required to completely remove a tooth. Even if the tooth is visible in the mouth without surgically exposing it, surgical texhniques may be required to remove the tooth. This includes cutting the tooth into two or more pieces. Surgical extraction includes removal of impacted wisdom teeth, but this does not mean that all wisdom teeth are required to be removed surgically.


It is recommended that patients should refrain from drinking, smoking, and exercise for 12-24 hours after an extraction has been performed, as the area will be tender and can delay the healing process.